Spring at Towson University


Towson Tiger: This is a picture of the tiger outside of Burdick gym.  I chose this picture because both the tiger and the flag pole follow the rule of thirds. I used flash because the tiger looked backlit without it.


Spring: I took this picture outside of the Liberal Arts building and I liked it because the yellow really stands out against the brown ground and green leaves.  I also like how the angle of the photo isn’t straight so it gives a different perspective and dynamic to the flowers.  This picture also follows the rule of thirds with the flowers being placed on one of the thirds.


Portrait: This photo was taken outside of Tower C in the Glen Complex.  It’s a picture of Towson freshman Nicholas Sala after a long day of classes.  I had to use flash in this photo because the overcast skies created a backlight on the subject.  This picture follows the rule of thirds.


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