Blossom Into Spring at Maryland Home and Garden Show

By Elaina Moradi        

The semiannual Maryland Home and Garden show hosted at the Timonium fairgrounds on February 28 was a huge success; over 200 exhibitors and thousands of attendees came together to appreciate a variety of products.

The event, sponsored by M&T Bank, is held twice a year to give buyers the opportunity to shop for home improvement and decor for all seasons. Shoppers can purchase anything from garden essentials to contractor services to organic foods.

“We have one show in the fall and one in the spring and hundreds of exhibitors come out,” said Glen Gutierrez, European Landscape and Design owner. “The show in March is more of a transition from winter to spring so everything is really refreshing and bright.”

Outdoor furniture and gardening expertise aren’t the only things consumers can find at the show. The Home and Garden show also features small food and beverage companies located along the east coast that support and supply home grown and organic fruits and vegetables.

“This is my first time at an event like this,” said Pennsylvania native Timothy Murrell, 53, owner of Murrell’s Mex-Italia Salsa. “The atmosphere is so lively, it’s just a great place to showcase my products. A lot of hard work goes into making and growing everything myself so it’s nice when people take an interest in my creations.”

“I travel around the Pennsylvania and Maryland areas and go to different markets and fairs.” Murrell said. “It’s really important to support small locally owned businesses, plus you’re finding things here that you can’t get anywhere else.”

The family friendly atmosphere of the show attracted an array of people. Green Meadows Petting Farm had animal pens set up and allowed anyone who was interested to pet the animals in order to encourage outdoor activity in children and educate them about farm animals.

A tight budget doesn’t mean strictly browsing at the Home and Garden Show; the array of exhibits offer an assortment of prices ranging from high to low. Margaret Wood, a Howard county resident, comes to the show to window shop every year.

“I’ve been to this show every year and it’s always so beautiful, I’m always seeing things I like but I’ve never actually bought anything.” Wood said, “This year my husband and I bought a house so it’s so exciting picking out all my patio furniture”

The Maryland home and garden show will open again in October 2015 to take shoppers into the cooler months. The fall show will undoubtedly be a hit with more exhibits that will be sure to have something for everyone.IMG_1768 IMG_1766 IMG_1767 IMG_1769 IMG_1776


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