Westminster ‘Peep show’ Brings Spring Excitement

By Elaina Moradi

The 8th annual ‘PEEPshow’ held in the Carroll Arts Center in Westminster Maryland is happening now through Easter Sunday. Individuals, groups, and even businesses designed and constructed creative pieces of art built entirely out of the sugar coated marshmallows known as Peeps.

“I’ve never been here but I heard about it on the news,” said Jackie Harding, a Baltimore County native. “I thought it was a really unique idea and it’s just very festive, likes it’s welcoming spring.”

The annual event poses as an Easter tradition for many families. Whether they’re creating a Peep masterpiece or just enjoying the festive artwork smiling families can be seen all around the event.

The Peep designs range from lighthearted to political, creating three showrooms containing a total of 150 different entries. Kids are encouraged to make their own peep creations, a large amount of the pieces were created by several Girl Scout troops.

“The creativity that goes into making these sculptures and portraits is amazing,” said Kathleen Barnett, a Carroll County resident, “especially since some of the work is done by children it gives me hope for the next generations creativity and engineering skills.”

The event, hosted by the Carroll County Arts Council, is free to the public. The council raises money by letting people purchase voting chips to vote for their favorite pieces of art. People can also purchase their favorite pieces to take home after the show is over.

The winners receive a Peeps themed package donated by the company that makes the sweet candies, Just Born, Inc. The money raised helps bring talented regional performers to Westminster and support the Westminster arts department.

“Even though it is a free event it’s amazing how much money they’re raising for the arts department,” said Daniel Barker, a Westminster local. “I believe that art really benefits the community and brings everyone together like this show does.”

The show has become so popular that the manufacturers of peeps, Just Born, have authorized the event to sell official Peeps merchandise, bringing in even more money for the community.

The event is from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily until April 5th. The family friendly and bright atmosphere is sure to kick the feeling of spring into full gear.


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