Online Magazine Analysis- Refinery29

Online-only magazine analysis



Refinery29 magazine reaches a large number of global readers each month. From January 20, 2017 to February 28, 2017, Refinery29’s website had 27.2 million global visits and 41.4 million global views.   Female’s predominately viewed this site with 83% of readers being female. People ages 18-34 are the primary user of Refinery29. The ads on this site are primarily beauty product advertisements, which cater more toward young females. The main household income for refinery29 readers is $0-50k, but they also have a wide readership with people that make $50-100k. The readers generally have a college education or higher (


Refinery29’s purpose is to “help people discover and refine their personal style.” They started out with a $5,000 investment and a small apartment and grew to a worldwide publication. Refinery29 has everything from “runway trends and beauty DIYs to dating disaster stories and news and politics” ( Contributors from all over the world add to Refinery29’s unique style. On their website they said they wanted to make Refinery29 the number one destination for stylish, intelligent women who crave thought provoking conversation around limitless ideas. Refinery29 “provides its audience with the inspiration and tools to discover and pursue a more independent, stylish, and informed life through a variety of lifestyle stories, original video programming, and social, shareable content across all platforms” ( They pride themselves on being a free-spirited and accepting atmosphere of their workspace.


This magazine emphasizes that they’re geared toward women. Most of the content is intended for female audiences such as beauty tips, relationship stories, and politics that could affect a woman’s everyday life. They organize their online publication by putting “Today’s Top Picks” at the top of the feed and then follow it with other content like videos.


Refinery29 Inc. owns the online magazine. Four people founded the magazine in a small New York City apartment in 2011 and they now have nearly 400 employees and offices worldwide. Refinery29 has started magazines in the UK and Germany. They are featured on Snapchat everyday with new content.


Refinery29’s design matches it’s audience by using vivid pictures with bold headlines. Some of the pictures are controversial, which makes it intriguing for some viewers. Another thing they do is use a diverse group of women to represent their content. They have real women pose for their story cover photos. One of their most current headlines says, “Tourists Are Avoiding NYC Because Of Trump.” This type of headline is current and new and is a pressing issue for many people today, especially women.


By dividing their online publication into different sections, Refinery29 makes it easier for readers to find specifically what they’re looking for. They separate their content into eight sections, “Video”, “Fashion”, “Beauty”, “Living”, “Health”, “Entertainment”, “Tech” and “News”. These sections make it much easier for readers to navigate through the site, unlike print magazines, readers do not have to search the table of context to find what they are looking for. Each section has a plethora of articles for readers to choose from, even archived stories from earlier dates. Print magazines usually do not have articles pertaining to every subject because of space constraints. Refinery29 has a video section, which print magazines cannot offer, for more visual people. By having an online magazine they have more room for more content and pictures. In Snapchat’s “featured” section, Refinery29 has its own “story” that changes every 24 hours with new content. About 3.5 million people view Snapchat’s “discover” page a day, giving Refinery29 extra exposure ( After each of the daily features the Snapchat story ends with, ’”Visit Refinery29 for more,” bringing more traffic to the site.


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