With Coffee Prices Growing Worldwide, Here’s Where to Get Cheap Coffee Around Baltimore

As I wait in line at my local Starbucks with my dad on our weekly coffee date, he can’t help but comment on the drink prices of the ever-so-popular coffeehouse chain.

For as long as I can remember my dad has always compared Starbucks prices to those of their cheaper priced competitors such as Dunkin Donuts and Wawa, but he was stunned when I took him to The Filling Station, an independently owned coffee shop located in Sparks, Maryland, where the prices are cheap and the drinks are quality.

In recent news coffee prices have spiked in a variety of different cities and towns and the competition to gain coffee customers has been intense, with chains around the country offering impressive deals on coffee beverages. In other news, Conde Nast Traveler released an article about how the city of Rome, who’s known for having low coffee prices, will now be raising the prices of their coffee due to high demand and a growing economy.

Most independently owned coffee shops are known for having novelty prices, but here are some Baltimore shops where you can get a bang for your buck!

1.) The Filling Station: Located in Sparks, Maryland, the Filling Station not only offers coffee, but they also have food and pastries. The walls are decorated with work from local artists that customers can buy and the outside sitting area is used for the live music nights they host in the summer.


2.) Order and Chaos: Located in Baltimore City, their slogan is “A creative cup of coffee.” The slogan came about because the small coffee shop features a large glass window connecting to Planit advertising agency. Through the glass, you can see the creative minds of Planit at work and maybe find a little inspiration of your own.


3.) Spro Coffee: Located in Hampden, Spro Coffee started out in a public library in Towson, Maryland.  What makes Spro unique is that they offer a variety of different coffees from a variety of different roasters and then brew those coffees in the roasters preferred method.  These brew methods include: vacuum pot, pour over, French press and more.


4.) Daily Grind: Located in Fells Point, Daily Grind prides themselves on being the “funky” coffee shop of Baltimore. With the constantly changing walls being filled with local art work, the daily grind is a Fells Point staple.


5.) Zeke’s Coffee: Located in Baltimore, Zeke’s coffee is all about a fresh, honest cup of coffee.  They accomplish this cleaner tasting coffee by brewing it in small 30 pound batches as opposed to the standard 150 pound batches.  You can also catch Zeke’s coffee at the Baltimore Farmers Market & Bazar.



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