Alcoholic Coffee, the Newest Trend in the Coffee World

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Iced coffee, lattes, macchiato, flavored coffees, and even coffee ice cream, but have you ever heard of coffee beer?  That’s right, I said it, beer brewed with coffee beans is the latest trend in the coffee world.

While adding a cup of espresso to a stout isn’t unheard of, beer brewers around the country are taking the coffee and beer mashup to a new level.

Samples of this coffee beer were debuted at this year’s Global Specialty Coffee Expo, an annual trade show held in Washington State and put on by the Specialty Coffee Association.  The expo offers classes and samples for skilled baristas and the general public alike.  They also hold a U.S. Barista Championship, where contestants have 15 minutes to prepare and serve a variety of beverages to six judges.  This year marks the first year where people can purchase a $50 ticket to attend the expo and watch the barista’s in action.

According to an article posted by the Seattle Times, beers brewed with coffee are generally darker beers like porters and stouts, but coffee experts are furthering their coffee beer brewing by creating lighter beers like golden ales and IPA’s.

How is this done you ask? The Georgetown Brewing company create the cold brew coffee first then blends it with the beer right before they carbonate it.

As if the coffee and beer brewing news wasn’t already groundbreaking to me, I soon discovered that coffee wine is a thing too.  Now they’re speaking my language.

A company named Friends Fun Wine came out with a beverage that contains 6% alcohol and came in two flavors: Cabernet Coffee Espresso and Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino.  On the companies Facebook page, they introduce the product as, “It’s a coffee illusion. It’s a wine revolution. It’s coffee. It’s wine. It’s the first Coffee Wine.”

While the thought of mixing coffee and wine might make some people gag, critics have reviewed the product as rich and tasteful, almost like a dessert. Other companies got wind of the coffee wine product and now its hitting the market hot and people everywhere want to sip on a cup of coffee wine.


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