How Baristas Get Coffee Shop Quality Coffee at Home

Have you ever wondered how to craft the perfect cup of coffee at home? I know I have, but whenever I try my coffee machine seems to have other plans and leaves me with a mediocre cup of caffeinated brown water.  If your coffee making skills are anything like mine then you may want to check out this Business Insider article.  In this article, a barista spills the beans on what kind of product you can buy for your home that is affordable, but can also make coffee shop worthy coffee.  While reading this article I discovered that there are so many ways to brew coffee and I have no clue what any of them mean, so let’s talk about a few…


Espresso is made by pushing hot water through a layer of compacted ground coffee.  Espresso is very concentrated and known for low volume of drink it contains.

Drip Coffee

The most popular preparing method in North America.  This method involves pouring hot water over ground coffee beans and straining it with a paper filter.  The more expensive the coffee machine you use, the higher quality of coffee is made.

French Press

In this technique, hot water is poured over coffee grinds and is left to steep for a few minutes.  After steeping is over the filter is pressed down to separate the grinds.  French press coffee is a medium brew and is less dense then drip.

Moka Pot

A Moka pot is a device that uses steam pressure to push water through coffee grinds like the espresso method, but with lower pressure.  The coffee that comes from a moka pot is dense and bold, but has less aromatic oils than espresso.

Cold Brew

This method involves steeping coffee grinds for extended periods of time then straining it and serving it cold


Aeropress is a manual coffee maker.  The two-step process to brew your coffee involves a few minutes of steeping followed by pushing the brew through the coffee grounds under pressure to extract more caffeine.


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